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Invertebrate shipping policies
  • Invertebrate shipping policies
    All invertebrates are shipped FedEx 2 day priority.

  • Overnight shipping via Fedex is available upon request

  • We ship every other Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • If weather is under 60 degrees or over 75 degrees Fahrenheit the scheduled day of delivery we will only ship to your preferred FedEx hub

Arachnid Live Arrival Guarantee
  • If shipped to a residence package must be accepted upon first delivery attempt for LAG to be valid

  • Purchaser must make contact with us by 8 pm PST, the day of delivery, photo of deceased specimen with with a pin through the arachnids abdomen.

  • If the above requirements are met we will reimburse the full purchase of the arachnid and up to 30 dollars worth of the shipping price

Our process

As we get the store part of this website working you can view our stock and contact us either through the email address below or at our store on MorphMarket